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PRO – Plymouth Refugee Opportunities

Information and support for newly* recognised refugees in Plymouth.

Plymouth Refugee Opportunities (PRO) is a service for newly* recognised refugees in Plymouth, United Kingdom.  

We help to prepare, organise and support refugees with housing, employment and community integration. 

Can I use this service? 

*The PRO programme is open to anyone who has been granted refugee status in the last 18 months, having previously received Sec 95 asylum support.

You must be willing to take active steps towards securing work. 

Unfortunately, this programme cannot help you if you came to the UK by resettlement or family reunion. 


Please ask us about other help you can get. 

Our Partners

PRO partners with Plymouth City Council and local organisations in Plymouth to provide support and guidance to refugees. These include:

START (Students and Refugees Together) works with families, individuals and organisations to help refugees transition into independent members of the local community. START is a learning organisation that recognises refugees’ skills and experiences. With the strengths and skills of the community, START uses the student placement as a resource to identify what support is needed and how to achieve it. 

Odils Learning Foundation is a faith-based charitable organisation that exists to equip people who have been isolated by language and culture both in the UK and overseas. Odils empowers people with English language classes and other vocational courses. It offers employment support, and guidance to access education and opportunities in the local community. 

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Plymouth City Council represents the local community in Plymouth, Devon and is responsible for public services in the area. It works to improve the well-being and quality of life of local residents and to provide better services to meet local needs. This includes services in areas such as health & social care, housing, schools, jobs & careers, environment, leisure etc.

Supporting Organisations

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Bridges Outcomes Partnerships (BOP) is a not-for-profit social enterprise backing PRO’s refugee support programme in Plymouth. More broadly, BOP works alongside Government, community groups and specialist partners to create more collaborative, more flexible services in the social sector. BOP partnerships support people across ages and circumstances to help improve their lives.

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