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How will joining PRO help you?

PRO will help you to become settled here in Plymouth. We will support you with:


A PRO caseworker from START will help you to find a new place to live when you leave your asylum accommodation.

They will also help you to:


- organise a bank account and benefits, for example Universal Credit


- understand other UK systems, for example health services, schools


An Odils PRO employment mentor will help you think about your employment plans.

They can:

- arrange volunteering or work placements

- help you find suitable courses

- support you if you want to be self-employed or help you apply for jobs

- prepare for and attend interviews and speak to employers

You will meet regularly with your PRO employment mentor for up to 2 years, even after you start working, to receive support and guidance.


An ODILS integration coordinator will work with you to develop a plan to help you settle in the city, become a member of the community, and form local connections.

They will stay in contact with you throughout the programme so that you continue to be supported. 

Can I use this service?

The PRO programme is open to anyone who has been granted refugee status in the last 18 months, having previously received Sec 95 asylum support.

You must be ready to look for work and employment opportunities.  

Unfortunately, this programme cannot help you if you came to the UK by resettlement or family reunion. 


Please ask us about other help you can get. 

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How can I register? 

We are here to help support you. If you would like to register with PRO, please get in touch.

Do I have to register with PRO if I am a new refugee and need support?

No – registering with PRO is your free choice. As a new refugee in the city of Plymouth, START can still help you with housing and other support services, and you can still attend English classes at Odils Learning Foundation.

However, currently, the only way to get this employment support is by registering with PRO. 

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